Depending on your budget and location, different roofing materials carry a different list of benefits and outcomes. In the South Cairo, NY areas, roofing contractors typically work with materials that are resistant to sun-, wind- and storm-related damage, so the families we serve won't need to worry about the functionality of their roof for many years to come.


Single roofing is an affordable, long-lasting material that is designed to protect your property and ensure your roof's needs are met. Shingles can be easily repaired and replaced, offer a long lifespan if properly maintained, and can add curb appeal to your home or business. Our experts can help you to choose the perfect shingles to maximize the structural integrity of your property.


Metal roofing is a popular option due to its longevity and lifespan. This material is designed to withstand strong winds, hard rains and prolonged sun exposure. Investing in a metal roof can mean decades before a repair or replacement project is even a point of conversation.


Experience the rustic charm of a wood shake roof from our contractors at Smart Choice Home Solutions. Originally used during colonial times, wood shake has grown in popularity in the area because of its unique and natural look. Typically made from thick, hand split cedar or redwood, each piece of shake has a different texture and grain that adds to the beauty of your property.


Imagine a roof that looks fantastic and lasts for over 100 years. Tile is one of the longest-lasting materials in the industry and will give you a roof you'll never have to replace. The tough tiles our roofing contractors use can withstand threats from hail, snow and fire and won't give in to rot or insects like wood roofs do. Tile roofing is also energy-efficient, helping you lower your annual energy costs. Our tiles are made of concrete or clay and are easily shaped to create a variety of appearances, so you won't have to pick between functionality and aesthetics.

During installation, we thoroughly measure your roof and pattern the tiles to prevent harmful moisture from getting through. For repair needs, we'll use our renowned inspection service to check for broken roof tiles and fix current damage.

Roofs constructed using slate come with a range of benefits to your property. The versatile material comes in various thicknesses and colors to increase the curb appeal of your property. Since slate is made of stone, it has fire-resistant capabilities that other roofing options can't compete with. Because slate requires far less replacement than cheaper material, it doesn't end up in landfills as frequently, reducing the amount of roofing waste.

At SmartChoice, our team will provide your property a beautiful and unique slate roof or repair an existing one. Slate is a stone roofing solution that can weather the worst conditions for decades. Call our professional roofing contractors to ensure an installation done right.


Your business needs a roof that works as hard as you do. Our flat roof options were created to hold up against harsh conditions with affordability for nearly all commercial models. We also repair or install commercial low pitch roofs with built-up roofing, or BUR. If you are concerned about leaking, BUR is more durable than EPDM and has been treated for maximum protection from leaks.