Metal roofing is becoming a more favorable option for local home and business owners because of its durability and long-lasting environmental friendliness. Our roofing contractors at Smart Choice Home Solutions are ready to prove just how much a metal roof can improve your property. The strong material resists most hazards, like fire and mold growth, for a low-maintenance solution to your roofing needs. Our experts provide professional metal roof repair and installation in Wilmington to make your property look great and perform its duty effectively.

One of the biggest perks of having metal roofing is its environmental friendliness. Made out of mostly recycled materials, metal roofs are completely recyclable themselves and can last up to 50 years if properly maintained. An efficient metal roof even helps control your property's temperature for reduced energy consumption.

When our team installs your new roof, we carefully select materials that are dependable and known for quality, so you can be confident your roof is equipped to handle every type of storm and season.


When a hail storm or severe weather comes through the area, however, a metal roof can suffer. Varying sizes of hailstones can dot your roof with unsightly dents. Fortunately, our contractors are here to provide your metal roof with a simple and stress-free remedy.

Other severe weather, like wind, can blow debris onto your roof, leaving behind scratches. We specialize in damage repair for metal roofing and can have it back to normal in no time. Call us to learn more.